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[ She received quite a few boxes for christmas, but only one that she opened. One from home. One that had a familiar picture of her, Yuji, and the rest of the Misaki High children in class together. She doesn't know what to say, doesn't know what to do. Especially not after everything that happened in mayfield. And so she leaves her house, wandering the town in the light snow of Christmas, expression glum, rather close to crying, actually. The snow falls everywhere around her as she walks, pale, almost ghostly in her winter uniform, crowned by the mass of black hair which is usual for her outside of her Flame Haze form. For once, she doesn't seem like a heroine, or a warrior, or a Flame Haze. She's just a lost little girl who has been reminded of everything she has lost, and everything she wants back. What she's fighting for. Do you approach? ]
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Action: Dempsey Residence Goldberg Street [ Shana has been very quiet lately, only occasionally coming out of her room. She's not sulking, not really, Just very sad. People are disappearing from the town rather frequently, and the strain of the droning is beginning to show in her demeanor. She's lost many friends. ]

Action: The Park: [ A tiny black hair girl is ripping the plastic wrapper off a small melon-shaped bun, and munching into it greedily. It smells pretty good, for a processed food product. ]

Action: Zemekis Office building, top floor. [ Shana is standing at the edge of the building, dark eyes sweeping over the town, her black cloak tight around her form, hair streaming out behind her like a long sable flag. ]

Phone: Mou.... I'm tired of losing people to this town. Isn't there some way we can make them stay? This... this is too awful.
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Mayfield High school, Monday [ Just an average day at mayfield High in zombieland. Shana's smashing her way through droned zombies, cutting them down with a blade that's FAR too large for a little girl like her, when her hair is seized, and she's dragged back... and bitten. What do you do, friends? ]

All over town throughout the week [ Shana's shambling around town, dragging her sword behind her, covered in blood and looking rather fetid and rotting herself, lank hair more or less concealing her face. What do now?]

The park, Wednesday night, for Minato and gang [ Shana has come for you, Minato. Maybe she smelled you... maybe she just wants it to end. But she's here now, and has you cornered.]
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Action: School [ Shana is standing on the roof today, cloak billowing around her as she looks out into the noon sky. Her expression is like the mask of a porcelain doll. At her feet is a half-eaten box lunch. ]

Action: Park [ It's late afternoon. Shana is sitting near the pond, staring into it with slightly dull eyes, her slender shoulders slumped.]

Action: Diner [ Evening at the diner: Shana is even more surly than usual as she skates up to take the order of any possible customers, favoring you with a particularly choice scowl.]

Action: 852 Goldberg [Midnight. Shana is sitting on the roof, after having eaten very little during dinner. She scowls at the night sky, and is generally throwing a tremendous sulk.]

(Musical theme for said post)

(Minor OOC note: Tagbacks won't happen until friday the 16th around 7 PM ET, don't worry, I'll get you once I'm home from my 12 hour shift at work :3 )
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[ Action one Shana is walking up to makeout point, grinning like she's got something awesome she's hiding from everyone. Do you approach? Run from the Tsundere? Creep on her?]

[ Action Two For those with magical abilities, something odd takes place, almost like a seal, kekkai, or even a great ball of darkness briefly appears atop the Point. Something like this appears on the ground of the hill http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/317/3/c/shakugan_no_shana___fuzetsu_by_sakarji-d32qpqh.png as a wall of blackness, tinged with red, flies up. ]

[ Action Three Shana is flying around Makeout point and above the town on wings of flame, looking rather like this:http://img3.lln.crunchyroll.com/i/spire2/0082441cf77cc24309950eb19b6ae0f41255999283_full.jpg Do you notice? Approach? Quake with fear? ]
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Prompt one, Action [ It really is too hot today. And thus, Shana can be found by the lake, her shoes removed, sitting with her legs soaking in the water, scowling as sweat falls over her face. ]

Prompt Two, Phone [ Filtered to Minato, Minako, Misaka, Crowe, Shiki Ryougi, and Shiki Tohno, Ciel, Aaron, Rin Tohsaka, Souji, Pokey, Tiffany, Ai, Aisling, Yuki Nagato and Yosuke ] I have a friend who'd like to talk to you all, so listen up!

Prompt Three, Action [Shana's keeping a quiet vigil over the Police station, curious about it since the incident with Chief grady, watching from a nearby building, her cloak fluttering out behind her. Do you approach?]
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[Shana is sparring barehanded with Wilhemina in the park.  The little black-haired girl is giving as good as she's getting in a rather impressive display of martial arts with the older, maid-outfitted woman.  They collide again and again, neither of them truely having the upper hand.]


[Shana is bored.  School is out, so she's probably on top of some building or another like the primary office building in uptown Mayfield, her black cloak fluttering behind her.]

3.  [Shana is also employed, and she skates up to you with a very surly look at her face if you're stopping by for dinner at the neutron diner.  May she take your order?]

4. [Shana is trying to ride a bike.  It is not going well.  She is falling down and scraping her knees, then standing up and kicking or throwing the bike.  A lot.]

5 [Phone, filtered to the persona cast.]
I hear some of you have gotten some interesting abilities back, would you like to talk about them?  I'm still interested in spending time with you all, and I'd like to introduce another person like me from back home, I think you'll enjoy spending time with her.
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[Action, school]

[Shana is sitting in class, looking generally a bit down in the mouth and trying very hard not to think of the prom.]

[Action 2, Elementary school playground.]

[Shana is sitting on the swings, small enough to be mistaken for an Elementary school kid herself, swinging on them with an unhappy expression.]

[Action 3, Mayfield streets]

[The little girl is wandering quite randomly, lost in thought, and looking fairly angry.]
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1 [Phonecall, filtered to Crowe, Aaron, Kyon, Tiffany, Yuki nagato, Shiki, and Koyomi]

You guys all have dates to the prom, right?  If not, I'll have to find you one.  You might not like that.

Action 2 uptown dress-maker's shop
[Shana is in the store trying on children's dresses, since her ah, slender figure won't fit well in  most women's dresses.  She ends up in some horribly frilly contraption that makes her look a bit goth-loli:  

And then finally, she'll find the dress with her on the right, which makes her look rather adorable, and a bit like dorothy from the wizard of oz.  http://muryou-anime-wallpaper.net/wallpapers/previews/shakugan-no-shana-834-prev.jpg

Action 3:  High school, after hours

[Shana is in the wood shop, carving something for herself, something of a memory.  She finishes it, holding it aloft.  A Roman Gladius, though rough and ill-shaped, catches the light as the sun sets.  She sighs as she looks at it, do you approach?]

Action 4:  [Shana's house, night time.  She's on the roof, staring at unfamiliar stars, her expression sad.  So, creepers/ninjas/BAMFs, what's up]


Apr. 23rd, 2011 07:10 pm
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Contact post:

Aim:  FenrirBill

Plurk:  Grimdork

Email:  General_Hannings@yahoo.com
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[Action 1: Park.   A teensy little girl is swinging around a blade as long as she is tall.  And the scary part?  She's very, very good with it.  Her movements are poised, precise, and devastatingly powerful.]

[Action 2: School:   Shana is wandering around school, looking for a few people in particular.  Yuki Nagato, Sasaki, Kyon, Aaron, Jason, Tiffany, Crowe.... okay everyone she hangs out with normally.  She's a little preoccupied, so she might bump into you.  What do, mayfielders?]

[Action 3:  The drive in diner.  Shana has skated up to you, looking painfully adorable in her carhop uniform.   What do you order?]

[Phone:]  Can some people tell me a bit what they found in the new town?  I'm really curious about it.  I've talked to a few people but I want as much information as possible.  
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[Action 1]
[Post dying, Shana is hanging out at Aaron's house.  And by house I mean sitting on his roof, looking unhappy, her arms curled up around her knees.  She couldn't protect him.  SHe couldn't save herself.  For the first time in a long time, the Flame Haired Burning Eyed Hunter feels incredibly helpless.  And she hates every second of it.]

[Action 2]
[Sulking by herself at Makeout point, Shana is sitting at the very edge of the cliff, her legs peeking out over it, shoulders hunched and her hair (long again as her haircut got incinerated with everything else during her death), falling around her, obscuring her face.]

[Action 3]

[Shana is just standing at the edge of town, near the highway.  Glaring at it as though her very eyes could melt the sign.]

Cinder 6

Mar. 17th, 2011 10:59 pm
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[Phone, drone filters] 1

"So, did anyone else find the gas station really creepy?  Get anything good from it?  Ai and I looked around it for a while but didn't find much.  I wonder if the new boundaries of mayfield have anything to do with the weird noises that the dairy have been making?"

[Action:  Edge of the highway] 2

[Shana is wearing her spring outfit, and hey, she's got a shorter haircut.  This is notable since the little girl is mostly all hair and eyes anyway, and she seems to be trying to get another ride on the highway.  Do you pick her up?  Insult her?  What do?]

[Action:  School]

[Shana is behaving in school today, answering questions and generally not causing problems.  More than anything else, she seems quite distant.  Do you approach, or take advantage of the break from her antics?]

Cinder 5

Feb. 27th, 2011 11:53 am
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[Shana is hanging around the movie theater, looking at the various titles that are available for viewing.  She has an annoyed look on her face.]  "Mou, these are the most boring movies.  How will I find a good one for everyone to watch?"  [She mutters to herself.]

[Action 2, aka B]

[Shana is at school, possibly a bit after hours again, working hard on her shop class projects, still carving that ridiculously long wooden sword, and starting working on an intricate scale model of a city.  She's working with a lot of sandpaper and small tools.  Once or twice she may cut herself, or rake some of her skin off with the sand paper.  At this point, whatever she is worked on ends up punted across the room, shattering against the wall.]

[Action 3, C]

[Shana skates up to you at the drive in, looking slightly surly but ready to take your order.]

"M-may I help you?" 
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Action 1:  [1648 Albright lane has a little girl in a pink coat standing outside, probably on the roof of the house across the street.  She is watching it, at night.  Jiiii.]

Action 2: [Shana is surprisingly inattentive in school today.  Blushing a lot and staring out the window, then writing little notes to herself that she crunches up and throws away, muttering]  "Stupid".

Action 3: [Shana is following Fabian on the way home from school.  Rather openly.  What do, fellow residents of mayfield?]

Cinder 3

Jan. 30th, 2011 10:43 am
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Action 1:  backdated to sunday morning
[A small girl in oversized winter clothes is staring out across mayfield from the high vantage of makeout point.  There is a long tin cylinder beside her, and a discarded hat sits in front of her. Shana's hair is long and black, catching the sunrise, making it almost red/black like cooling steel.  If you approach, she doesn't immediately respond, but after a moment, Shana will look over to you, still silent.] 

Action 2: Backdated to friday afternoon
[You're in Shana's class.  She's just been exceptionally verbally brutal with the drone-teacher for for teaching incorrect information to the students, and embarked on a point by point correcetion of his class.   He splutters, quite confused by her smart mouth.  How do you, as her classmates, react to her words?] 

(Ah, and as for the music mentionedwith this post, here it is.  Enjoy the I've sound goodness.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLZFa7rlOFc )

Cinder two

Jan. 21st, 2011 10:58 pm
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[//Action scene 1 :  Shana is building a snowman in the park.  However, it doesn't look like a normal 3 rolled up balls with coal snowman.  No, she's using her hands to more or less sculpting something that looks like this: http://images.wikia.com/shakugan/images/e/ed/Alastor.jpg with the snow.  Her mittens are caked with snow nodules, and she's scowling as she looks over it.  As you approach, she'll look over and ask]  


[//Action Scene 2:  Shana is in the Mayfield general store.  Her grocery cart or carrier is full of bread and other pre-made food.  Nothing that requires preparation beyond coffee and some fresh vegetables.  She is looking around, muttering about a lack of taiyaki or melon bread or other real food.  She doesn't notice you, lost in her own contemplations]
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Backtagging: By all means
Threadhopping: Er, assuming it's not like completely unlikely for you to hop in, sure.  AIM me for permission if you're not sure
Fourthwalling: It would be awkward but sure
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Talk how your character would talk.

Hugging this character: Yes but be prepared for angry girl
Kissing this character: Yes, see above.
Flirting with this character: Yes, she probably won't notice
Fighting with this character: By all means, but let's make sure we talk it out OOCLY as even sans her abilities Shana is a pretty effective combatant
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Sure, but talk to me first so we can work out stuff. Other than that, let it rain red!
Killing this character: If you like, but see above, she's a somewhat hard target
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: By all means.  This may get really crazy once she gets some regains and basically gets inhabited by a crimson lord as well as retaining her own personality, though.

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[Shana wakes up with a start, on some level conscious of the absence of both Wilhemina and Alastor.  Particularly alastor.  No crimson lord fused with her as contractor.   It is like being a half person.


She was no longer a Flame Haze.  She was no longer even a vessel.  

This wasn't her room. Was her entire life after contracting with the Flame of the Heavens nothing but a dream?

This wasn't Misaki City at all.]

[Locked to residents of 852 Goldberg Street]

[You will likely find the new resident wandering around, a long-haired girl with obviously sharpened asian features, and a very small form looking over the house, expression moving between shell-shocked confusion and anger, and despair.  If you approach, she'll ask]

"Who are -you- and where are we?"  [her fists will ball up]


[After leaving the house, which she'll do at a run, Shana will move swiftly through town, looking for anything remotely similar to Misaki City's Architectural style.  Upon finding nothing, she'll pause in the middle of the street, arms around her body and suppressing shakes momentarily, eyes narrowed.  After a moment, her head lowers, and she says a single word.]



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